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Welcome to your Alliant vehicle loan

Learn how to make payments, access Alliant Online and Mobile Banking and more.

Make payments to your Alliant Loan

Pay online through Alliant

Ensure you never miss a payment by scheduling recurring payments through Alliant Online Banking. You’ll need your loan account number (found in the packet we mailed you) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (also found in the packet, on your insurance policy or on the driver’s side of the vehicle where the windshield meets the dashboard), then follow the prompts to create your login.

Pay online through another bank

You can schedule one-time or recurring payments to your Alliant loan from your external bank using that bank’s website. Be sure to have your Alliant loan account number (found in the packet we mailed you) on hand.

Pay via check

A loan payment coupon is included in both the packet we mailed you and monthly paper statements. You can also download a payment coupon from our website. Mailing instructions are included on the coupons.

Complete your vehicle loan setup

If you haven't done so already, provide your proof of insurance and add Alliant to your policy

Your loan requires that you provide Alliant with proof of insurance and add Alliant Credit Union to your policy. If you haven’t done so already, contact your insurer today and tell them to list Alliant as a “lienholder” on the policy. If you don’t add Alliant as a lienholder, this may result in Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) being added to your loan at an additional cost to you. Find out more about your insurance requirements and get step-by-step instructions to finish this part of your auto loan setup. Learn more (PDF)

What else you need to know about Alliant

You come first at Alliant

When you finance your vehicle with Alliant, you also become an Alliant member at no cost to you. We’re one of the largest credit unions in the U.S. and a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means our members are also owners. We give back to our members with great rates on deposits and loans, plus award-winning mobile and online banking. Learn more

You have a high-rate savings account

Your Alliant membership comes with a high-rate savings account. Put your money to work in an account that earns 1.60% APY1, 14.5x the national bank average.2 You can also easily pay your loan by transferring funds from your Alliant savings account via Alliant Online or Mobile Banking. Learn more

Service your car and save money

As an Alliant member, you also have access to the Alliant Vehicle Service Program. This online platform can save you an average of 25%3 on vehicle maintenance and repairs, and allows you to schedule service with thousands of certified service providers nationwide. Learn more


Why is my loan through Alliant?

Your vehicle dealership is an Alliant partner and offers their customers the ability to take advantage of low Alliant auto and RV loan rates.

Can I change the due date on my loan payment?

The due date for your first payment can’t be changed. However, we can work with you to change your monthly due date to better fit your needs. To get started, contact our Loan Servicing team 800-328-1935 ext. 2079 or email

What is my loan number?

Your loan number is the 14-digit number included in the packet we mailed you. Please use this number when setting up bill pay through your financial institution, or include your loan number with any mailed payments.

Why is there $5 in my savings account?

The free Alliant membership you get by having an Alliant loan includes a high-rate savings account, which was opened with a complimentary $5 deposit. Please note that if your savings account is closed within 90 days of establishing your Alliant membership, you will forfeit the complimentary $5 savings deposit.

How can I make a one-time loan payment?

Alliant Online Banking: Once you've set up account access, you can log into Alliant Online Banking, transfer money into your Alliant savings or checking account and schedule a one-time transfer from that account to your auto loan.
Payment through another bank: You can schedule a one-time payment to your Alliant loan from your external bank using that bank’s website.
Payment over the phone: You can make a one-time Alliant loan payment from your checking or savings account at another bank for a $10 fee. Call us between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at 800-328-1935. Or, make a credit or debit card payment 24/7, for a $10 fee, by calling 866-924-0645.
Loan payment coupon: A payment coupon is attached to both your welcome letter and ongoing statements. You can also download a payment coupon from our website. Mailing instructions are included on the coupons.

Learn more about making loan payments (PDF)