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Welcome to Alliant

Learn how to access Alliant Mobile and Online Banking, how to make payments and more.

You’ll need your member number to set up mobile and online banking. It will arrive by mail 7-10 days after your application has been approved.

Access your account in three easy steps

  1. Go to Alliant Online Banking or download the Alliant Mobile Banking App from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Online Banking: Click on "New User Setup"
    Mobile Banking App: Click on "Enroll"
  3. Follow the prompts to begin.
set up online banking and mobile banking

Use Alliant Mobile and Online Banking to:

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Move money

Transfer money between Alliant accounts and to external accounts, for free.

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Deposit on the go

Deposit checks instantly with our mobile app1.

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Stay alerted

Set up account alerts to stay up to date on account activity.

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Get in touch with us

Send a secure message to Alliant.

3 ways to make deposits

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Transfer through Alliant

Use Alliant Mobile or Online Banking to schedule a transfer from an external account to your Alliant account.

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Deposit a check

Deposit a check using Alliant Mobile Banking, or go to a deposit-taking ATM.2.

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Transfer through another bank

Set up a transfer from your other bank into your Alliant account using your other bank's online or mobile banking. (Alliant's routing number is 271081528.)

IMPORTANT: We hold funds deposited into new accounts for up to 10 days. After your initial deposit, most deposits made into an Alliant account can be accessed within 24 hours from when Alliant receives the funds. New member funds are held for security purposes, to better protect Alliant members from fraud.

A few ways to pay an Alliant loan or credit card

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Pay through Alliant

Use Alliant Mobile or Online Banking to schedule a one-time or recurring payment from your Alliant account, or from an external account.

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Pay through another bank

Schedule a payment to your Alliant loan from your external bank using that bank's website.

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Schedule Bill Pay3

Schedule one-time or recurring payments from your Alliant checking account.

Set up Alliant Checking

Start taking advantage of Alliant High-Rate Checking
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Qualify to earn high rates4

  1. Opt into eStatements in Alliant Online Banking.
  2. Make one electronic deposit into checking each month (direct deposit, ATM deposit, mobile check deposit or transfer from another financial institution).
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Use Alliant Bill Pay3

Set up recurring payments for all of your bills, all from Alliant Mobile or Online Banking.

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Activate your debit card

Activate your card in our mobile app or by calling the number on your card.

mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet

Add your new debit card to mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.5


How do I find an ATM?

Use our ATM locator to find an ATM near you, including deposit-taking ATMs. And remember, we offer ATM rebates up to $20/month if you use an out-of-network ATM.

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

Log into online banking, click “Settings” and select “Joint owner management.” Follow the steps to add your joint owner. Or, download, complete and mail us a joint account membership form. Be sure to let your joint owner know that Alliant will be reaching out to verify their identity before adding them to the account.

How do I set up direct deposit with my employer?

If your human resources department offers direct deposit, ask them for their direct deposit form. You’ll typically need to provide them with Alliant’s routing number (271081528), your checking/savings account number and your account type. You can also set up direct deposit using this direct deposit form.

How long does it take to get a debit or credit card?

It typically takes 7-10 days from your application being approved to receive your debit or credit card in the mail. If you need it faster, we offer a fee-based expedited service. You can order new or replacement cards in Alliant Online Banking > Settings. Select either “ATM/debit card services” or “credit card services.”

What types of ATM transactions are eligible for an ATM rebate?

If you have an Alliant Checking Account, deposits, withdrawals (including international), transfers or balance inquiries are all eligible for ATM rebates up to $20 per month. Alliant will deposit the rebate into your checking account at the end of the day. International withdrawals will still be subject to Visa’s 1% foreign transaction fee.

Do I have a mobile deposit limit?

Your current mobile deposit limit will appear below the amount field once you select an account. Your deposit limits can vary based on your eligible accounts. For more information, tap the “note” icon at the bottom of the deposit screen when in Alliant Mobile Banking.