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Help your workforce prepare for the unexpected with an emergency savings fund

Natural disasters, medical emergencies, and unplanned maintenance (car, home, etc.) can be crippling. Experts like Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze recommend 3-6 months of savings in an emergency fund. Unfortunately, only 39% of Americans have $1,000 saved for an emergency meaning most of your workforce is likely an emergency away from significant stress and financial hardships.1

Alliant’s high-rate emergency savings program provides a safe and secure account for your employees to grow their savings while earning a high-rate of interest. This zero-cost benefit will give your total compensation package a meaningful advantage, while providing your employees an actionable resource to plan and save for the unexpected.

What your employees receive

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High-rate emergency savings

Emergencies impact employees of all incomes and ages. It can be crushing to pay for uncovered medical bills or expensive home repairs when you don’t have emergency savings. Alliant’s High-Rate Savings account could help your employees come to work worry-free when ‘life’ happens.

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Easy and convenient account access

With access to more than 80,000 free-free ATMs, your employees will likely have an ATM nearby no matter where their travels take them.2 Plus, they’ll enjoy a smart online and mobile banking experience.

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Financial empowerment

Your employees want to be fiscally empowered. Our informative money tips and digital banking tools ensure they are equipped to make smart financial decisions. Plus, the Alliant Investment Services team is available anytime to offer in-depth consultation and advice.3

What employers receive

Our four-step program is led by an experienced team so you can focus on your job while we introduce your new benefit.

  1. Initial consultation: We'll meet to understand your challenges and begin to design an emergency savings program that supports your unique needs.
  2. Alliant overview meeting: We’ll present an overview to key stakeholders explaining how Alliant’s emergency savings program will support your employees and lead to financial wellness.
  3. Benefit launch planning session: We’ll meet to discuss and plan key launch dates that align with your organizational communication calendar. Prior to launching, you’ll receive a communication plan and sample launch resources.
  4. Benefit launched to employees: We’ll launch your new emergency savings program and also provide your employees access to our award winning banking services.

After the launch, we’ll report on how your emergency savings program is benefiting your employees. In addition to emergency savings accounts, your employees will have access to our low loan rates, high deposit rates and money-savvy tips. Throughout the year, we’ll offer your organization opportunities to participate in on-site financial wellness seminars, webinars and much more.

Empower your employees through financial wellness

Discover how financial wellness is impacting America’s workforce and what you can do to support happier and more engaged employees with our whitepaper.

Awards & recognition

Best Credit Union of 2019 - MyBankTracker

Best Credit Union of 2018 - MONEY

Best Banks of 2019 - NerdWallet

“Our experience with Alliant Credit Union has been exceptional. Of particular interest to us was the range of services and the cost-effective rates provided by a credit union. We found in Alliant a financially strong partner that can provide our employees with an array of financial services coupled with solid customer service. Alliant is very responsive to our employee's requests and needs.

All of the comments we have received since the rollout has been very positive and we’re looking forward to growing a long and successful relationship with Alliant.”

Lee Achord, G4S, Vice President, Compensation & Benefits

“Our partnership with Alliant has enhanced our benefit offerings and given employees a chance to save real money and time on the things with which they already had to manage. Having products that are both meaningful and a great value have really given our employees the freedom to make better choices on how they spend their money.

The partnership has also made my job easier as a benefits manager. I have extra help providing my employees with resources and answers to their important questions. I couldn't have done this without Alliant.”

Ellen Meza, Riverbed Technology, Senior Manager Global Benefits