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Save more, earn more, do more

Find out how to get the most out of your Alliant High-Rate Savings Account

With your Alliant Savings Account, you can:

  1. Earn 1.35% APY1
    15x higher2 than the banking industry average with no maximum balance limits
  2. Easily access funds
    Use Alliant Online Banking and our award-winning mobile app to access your account
  3. Use 80,000+ free ATMs
    Make deposits and withdrawals at thousands of ATMs nationwide
Alliant Savings vs National Bank Average Saving

How to open a supplemental savings account

Supplemental savings accounts can be opened in just a few easy steps in Alliant Online Banking. These accounts, dedicated to a particular financial need (emergency fund, holiday gifts, weddings, vacations, etc.), are a great way to reach your savings goals.

  1. Log in to Alliant Online Banking and select Open an Account.
  2. On the Open New Account page, select Supplemental Savings.
  3. Assign a Custom Name for the account, and complete the rest of the form indicating joint owners (if any) and how you’ll fund the account (or you can opt to open the account now and fund it later).

To optimize your savings, set up automated recurring transfers to your new account. Just select Transfer Money and indicate the account you want the money transferred from.

Please note that while there is no minimum balance required to keep your Supplemental Savings Account open, you need to maintain an average daily balance of $100 to be eligible for dividends on your account.

Use Alliant Mobile and Online Banking to:

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Move money

Transfer money between Alliant accounts and to external accounts, for free.

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Deposit on the go

Deposit checks instantly with our mobile app. Visit the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store to download it today.

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Get in touch with us

Send a secure message to Alliant.

Maximize your savings

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Open multiple savings accounts

Earn the same great rate while you save for specific goals with supplemental savings accounts

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Pay yourself first

Set up recurring transfers to your savings account from your checking account

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Opt for eStatements

Keep your savings account fee-free by selecting eStatements in online banking3

Protect yourself

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Stay alerted

Set up alerts in online banking to stay up to date on account activity

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Have a backup plan

If you have an Alliant Checking Account, you can use your savings account for overdraft protection

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Think ahead

Add or update your account beneficiaries through online banking


Do I have to maintain a minimum balance to have a savings account or to earn interest?

The minimum balance to keep your savings account open is $5. To earn interest, you must maintain a daily average minimum balance of $100. Alliant interest is paid monthly.

Are there any transaction restrictions for savings accounts?

Federal regulations limit pre-authorized withdrawals to six per month per savings account. Each supplemental savings account is permitted up to six withdrawals. ATM withdrawals do not count against the six withdrawal limit.

What’s the difference between a regular savings account and the supplemental savings account?

The only difference is that a supplemental savings account is an additional savings account. You can name each account based on your specific financial goals — saving up for a vacation, wedding, emergency fund, etc. — allowing you to more easily track your progress toward that goal.

Awards & Recognition

  • Best Savings Accounts of 2018
  • Best Saving Account award
  • Best Credit Union of 2017

    "Best Credit Union of 2017"